Gotcha Fresh Tea

Our Brand

A genuine new tea brand concept. WE FARM OUR OWN TEA.
Gotcha Fresh Tea is a unique offering in the Malaysian tea space that originated from Australia. Much more than another ‘bubble tea’, Gotcha Fresh Tea is freshly brewed and made for each individual order.

Furthermore, Gotcha Fresh Tea is farmed and picked from a single tea plantation in Mount Ali, Taiwan and therefore provide unrivalled tea quality in our drinks. 

Our Tea

Like a single origin coffee or a fine bottle of French wine from a single vineyard, Gotcha Fresh Tea flavor is unique and flavorful.
With a delectable selection of handcrafted teas, collagen teas, and milk teas, Gotcha has tea for all connoisseurs.

Gotcha x Earth

GOTCHA 鲜饗茶 loves Planet Earth.  Let’s make a difference together. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every single straw we see in the world, in store, on Instagram were reusable? Make the first step now and join us and thousands of other boba-lovers in eliminating single-use straws while drinking boba.