GOTCHA Fresh Tea
The Bubble Tea Brand That Made Tea Drinking A Luxury

GOTCHA brand strategy
GOTCHA brand strategy is built on the promise of providing a high-quality tea experience and education for the discerning bubble tea consumer. Launched just in 2017, it is fascinating how GOTCHA Fresh Tea has managed to quickly expand across the Australia and around the globe and build its unique identity as being the Australia’s first luxury bubble tea brand.
For anyone and everyone, walking into any GOTCHA Fresh Tea store for the first time is a breathtaking experience. Before the launch of the GOTCHA brand, tea drinking and tea purchasing have never been seen as luxury experiences, much unlike coffee.
Being the first luxury bubble tea brand in Australia, GOTCHA has managed to create a perception of being a connoisseur in consumers’ eyes by harvesting the highest quality teas, building an impressive product range and creating an unparalleled in-store experience.

Despite the brand’s astounding success, it started from humble beginnings. When the brand was first launched in 2017, even Roger Fu’s (EFC Group and GOTCHA CEO) friends did not believe that the concept of a luxury bubble tea experience would be popular as there was no other business having such an offering. However, Roger believed that customers were growing more curious about where how their drinks are made, and that tea drinkers were thirsty for an experience more exciting than purchasing bubble tea to drink.

Breaking the tradition with Design elements
The brand launched its first Bubble Tea Salon in July 2017 at Empire in Melbourne. The interior design of the salon was a huge element of focus for the brand in ensuring that customers delight in the highest luxury in their enjoyment of the tea experience. The timelessly chic and elegantly inventive pastel pink boutique, spiced with brass weighing scales, Italian marble counter and a magnificent peach and soft pink wall was an industry first. The bubble tea salon houses an exclusive and cozy boutique seating, and is furnished with warm polished-wood tables, cushioned back chairs, crisp tiles, hanging designer pendant light and tea displays.

Breaking from tradition has been an important move for GOTCHA—especially as a young company competing in a historic, heritage-led market. Luxury brands today have a very long history with luxury. There are no colours and overall store and tea experience. For us, we want to be more open to the younger generation. We want everyone together; everyone is welcome to this tea salon. When you mix all of these generations and styles of people, you make a different ambiance in your place.
Each GOTCHA store is unique. But it’s the same spirit. Each one has its own signature. We use the same material such the wood, the marble, the brass, pink glass tiles, peach wall, grey flooring and glass. We want this to be a timeless concept. It’s always the same feeling, but not always the same decorations.