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Do not waste valuable money on this nonsense

Do not waste valuable money on this nonsense

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A couple of weeks ago, I was muted on this site. I had only said “Hi” and was given no explanation for this. Having read the previous review, I think this reviewer raises some serious questions and a great deal about the person running this site. The arrogance and ignorance of the person responding is only a testament as to why this website is a mere puddle of its former oceanic self. I must wholeheartedly agree with what the previous reviewer has written about gaydar. There is no way that I would pay for this low grade website which from what I have seen seems to allow some people to be defamatory, rude and bullying whilst attempting to silence others to the point of not being able to say “hi” or simply chat in a pleasant and NICE way. I don’t believe this is a viable business option nor in the spirit of online communication. Clearly there seems to be an issue with the site’s moderation/moderator only to its detriment. Be warned, do not whatever you, do not waste valuable money on this nonsense.

the site is slowly dyinaway .after 23…

the site is slowly dyinaway .after 23 yrs of being a gaydar user i am dissapointed on how limiting they are becoming i was sharing music (no links) with my friends in general room and i was confronted with this ..

GCS-MODSPlease refrain from posting random references to music as you are doing, i know you have an issue with following instructions on this site.

NICHIRENBUDDHyour narrowing gaydar thinly to the point your turning away most of the members ..maybe you should lighten up on the silly rile of no music etc and you might start seing people come back xx i will stop but take a whiel to think about it . music makes thw orld come together ?? have a nice day mr mods

GCS-MODSYou have the choice to use the site as we wish it to be used, or to leave the site.