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You want to phase sweet shocks on target of the love

You want to phase sweet shocks on target of the love

If you have Venus into the Leo on your delivery chart, when you are with the “flirt setting” you will “operate to draw” in certain of one’s after the implies:

Remarkable. Your check somewhat flamboyant; act having flair; and you also create grand gestures. (atic” try a much better term.) Whenever selecting anybody, you will probably find your self subconsciously putting or flirting your own hair, that is a bona fide desire-getter.

Close. You send herbs otherwise chocolate otherwise champagne otherwise roving performers, otherwise price poetry. Cyrano de- Bergerac had a massive nostrils but, instance Roxanne, you like his style.

Venus in Leo has actually a sensitive ego and you can solid pleasure when you look at the love you would you need lots of recognition and attention however, you might be totally free with comments while having instance a robust need experience true-love that when the truth is they, the loyalty knows zero bounds

Regal. You’ve got an aristocratic heavens and you may a noble impact; and often take a look “glorious”. You may also act haughty or tough-to-excite. You expect getting known, and will act value esteem that have you to definitely you desire.

Good-sized. Provide gift ideas and you can freely dispense favours and you may food. It is possible to act generous or benevolent which have people your like. An individual flower is not your thing – three dozen does it finest.

Loving. Your work caring and you will friendly; and work out your own admirer become worth your own attract. Touching and you may petting try a notify-facts which means attract regarding Leo the latest Lion. (Licking and you will pawing are suppressed if you do not are sure it might be preferred.)

Funny. You inform you some sort of skill otherwise visual style; and you may find desire, applause, and you will appreciation for your results. Your become a star (or a beneficial “ham”).

Actually, you’re an incurable close and with Venus inside Leo you’re certain to be in like having love.